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Tax training courses play an important role when it comes to financial literacy. ITT is currently working to spread tax awareness and is providing a platform from which operating tax skills can easily be developed. This initiative is also aimed for institutions, universities and various associations with the primary objectives of promoting self-employment, tax awareness and operating skills along with professional confidence amongst students who are already pursuing degrees like Accounting, Commerce, Law, Business Administration studies and all professional qualifications. The training is also designed for the professionals doing jobs in relevant fields to improve their tax knowledge and skills for better performance. ITT offers professional training sessions and programs which are designed in such a way that they fully cover different aspects of tax, especially focusing upon Sales tax and Income tax market practice. The training also provides attendees with corporate knowledge, financial reporting, accounting softwares and practioner’s skills. These courses can add value to the degrees or certifications that the students are pursuing from their respective institutes.

Courses offered by ITT have their own outline, practice material, and syllabus. ITT also provides highly qualified and experienced mentors and trainers for the sessions which will be conducted at our site and on the campuses of other institutions. We have designed our training in such a way that can be adopted by any educational, academic, training and professional organizations for tutelage of their staff and students. Some of our prospective markets have been outlined below:


Our tax training courses are also aimed at individuals working at or with associations. ITT would be providing them with tax guidance and relevant skills which would come in useful for both personal tax assessment and commercial practices. ITT has its own criteria for membership of our private association i.e ACTP ( Association of certified tax practitioners) where we have members from different educational and professional backgrounds. Membership exchange programs can be fruitful for harmony among different associations with somehow similar objectives.

 ACTP is our private association of over 500 members of various professional backgrounds and practical experience of multiple sectors. We provide tax advices/solutions and support to our association member’s .Our support team is available 24/7 to answer the queries of our members. We also encourage true and fair view of financial position and performance of an individual, AOP or corporate to be reflected and declared. For this purpose we aim to join associations, so that all the members of the association will be able to have tax assistance for themselves, under the supervision of tax experts of one of our associates firms mastermindz audit accounts and taxation with proper understanding of tax situations.


Several institutes in Pakistan are currently offering courses which focus upon commerce, law and accounts education. Training sessions offered by ITT can efficiently and easily be paired up with these programs to provide the students with tax and corporate law knowledge along with familiarizing them with relevant practices. We hope to collaborate with national and international institutions dealing with Law, Commerce and Accounts education, programs and training.

Through these institutions we hope to reach a new and diverse demographic of students which would encourage us with our goal of propagating financial literacy and tax awareness along with providing them skills such as financial reporting, Tax Filing Notice correspondence software familiarization and continuous professional support.




With extensive experience with providing an 8 week long tax training to a plethora of individuals, ITT pakistan aims to facilitate universities and students with its tax training and tax awareness programs. Such sessions will provide students with professional training, skills and techniques which boost their professional confidence, and would allow them to skillfully implement knowledge. These sessions would prove to be immensely helpful during employment or as a self-employed business consulate. It helps the students to understand the practical implications of tax law and corporate law, along with their implementation.

 This module consists of 8 weeks practical training of tax, reporting and corporate practices. This is also helpful in adding value to the degree offered by university due to the practical and professional training, along with skill development. Credit hour training is designed to match with the system of university. ITT pakistan provides syllabus books, practice material and training to the universities. These courses would focus on integral topics such as tax awareness, taxation, practitioner skills along with financial reporting. Such courses would prove to be highly beneficial for Business, Accounts and Law students. The main aim of our courses is to provide financial literacy to students in hopes to develop market/commercial, presentation skills and confidence which would allow them to stand out when applying for jobs and pursuing a career. Through these courses, students would be able to gain knowledge regarding sales taxes, income tax and tax filing. Two of the main courses being offered are CTP (Certified Tax Practitioner) and FRP (Financial Reporting- Professional) which provide an in-depth and updated  knowledge regarding taxes and preparation of financial statements. Students would also be taught the usage of softwares such as Excel, Quickbooks and PeachTree. They will also be able to familiarize themselves with portals such as IRIS by FBR, and learn about the procedures of various departments to develop practitioner skills. ITT would be providing continuous professional support to the students, even after the completion of the course. They will also be given a choice of becoming a member of ITT to further develop their operating skills. Our support team is available 24/7 to answer the queries of our members.


The benefits of these courses are widespread. Students enrolled in our tax training program will have a better understanding of the taxation procedure, they will have commercial confidence and will be well prepared for interviews. Not only this, students who have sufficient knowledge regarding the taxation system are better equipped to select a field which is best for them, they are also more empowered and can easily work as self-employed individuals.