Trained Expert Professional


  • Provide students with top-quality training and career guidance
  • Act as a bridge between international universities and local universities
  • Introduce a variety of opportunities for students


KHM Group is collaborating with IUCPSS to bring this project to the youth of Pakistan. Main partners include ITT, KHM SC & IUCPSS


This program is essential for students & those seeking relevant training that promote self-efficacy and self-employment.

Training for Educational Institutes

ITT the institution is being designed with the training ideology. Training is a continuous process and needs in every process and systems of the world. Every running process and systems require updating, amendments and new practices with the increase in working complexities and channels. That’s why training plays the most integral part in meeting the demand of change for better operations and eventually for better results.

ITT aims to train our business Administration, Commerce, Accounting & Finance, Law and professional qualification graduates, for the corporate and commercial market practices. The understanding of law and its practical use in corporate and commercial market practices lead towards a well directed job/ employment carrier and self employment & entrepreneurship.

Universities, Training Institutes and all educational institutes share the following responsibilities toward their students:

  • To educate them for better career opportunities
  • To educate them for the good will of the institute itself
  • To produce good resources
  • To ensure the quality of their education

Benefits & Support

The student data will be acquired after the completion of training by ITT for HR concerns, this data will be used with the consent of the students. ITT will send the student data to different companies to make sure the active members of the ITT get good job opportunities and self employment chances. Help Centre is set up on ITT website.

Participants will be able to file the Income Tax Returns and Sales Tax Returns along with the company Registrations from SECP. The training will help the participants in directing the employment and self employment career. These skills will support the participants in getting better employment opportunities and improving their performance in employment.

Quick Tax Learning Statement

  • Income Tax Registration
  • Income tax Laws
  • Income Tax Return
  • Sales Tax Registration
  • Sales Tax Law
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • SECP Registration
  • Ms Excel Practice

Quick Tax Learning Content

Income Tax Registration and Laws

  • Definitions
  • Tax on taxable income
  • Taxable income
  • Total income
  • Head of Income
  • Salary
  • Income from property
  • Incomes from business
  • Capital Gains
  • Capital gain on disposal of securities
  • Income from other sources
  • Deduction in computing income chargeable under the head “income from other sources”
  • Deductible allowances
  • Return of income
  • Tax payer’s profile
  • Persons not required furnishing a return of income
  • Wealth Statement
  • Filing income and asset statement
  • Tax payer registration
  • Active Tax payer list

Income Tax Return

  • Salaried
  • Business Individual
  • AOP & Company

Sales Tax Registration

  • Registration and person required to be registered [Sec 14]
  • Registration application (Rule 5)
  • Compulsory registration (Rule 6)
  • Change in the particulars of registration (Rule 7)
  • Transfer of registration (Rule 8)
  • De-registration (Sec 21)

Sales Tax Returns

  • Return [26]
  • Extension of time for furnishing returns [26AB]
  • Special Returns [27]
  • Final Return [28]


  • Definitions
  • Scope of tax
  • Time and manner of payment
  • Rule 11 De-registration
  • Determination of tax liabilities
  • Refund of input tax
  • Active tax payer list
  • Recovery of assets
  • Confirmation of time limit
  • Tax credit not allowed
  • Adjustable Input Tax
  • Tax invoice


    • SMC
    • Private Limited ( For more than one director/ shareholder)

MS Excel


  1. Qualified trainers are there in our training portfolio.
  2. Members of professional qualification i.e. ICAP, ICMA, ACCA, LLM, Professional tax practitioner & practical, experience bearer more than 5 years in accounts, tax and corporate law practice.

By Laws

  1. Premises
  2. Fees
  3. Resourcing of training
  4. ITT Responsibility
  5. University Responsibilities
  6. Certifications
  7. Security of Data
  8. Portal Access
  1. Premises:
  • ITT Trainings will be conducted in university premises. University shall arrange a hall for sufficient sitting.
  • For students outside the university shall use the parking inside the university.
  1. Fees:
  • Fee suggested for this 8 weeks Training for university students is 15,000/-.
  • Fee suggested for this 8 weeks Training for outside students is 20,000/-.
  1. Resources for training:
  • ITT shall use the resources for conducting the training from inside the university. Those resources will be offered free training from ITT too.
  1. ITT Responsibility:
  • ITT will be responsible for completing the training within given time. The training will be on Professional Standards. Before every training class (week) the content will be shared by ITT. ITT will not be discriminate among any students.
  • Certification will be presented by ITT + university side within given span. ITT staff will abide by all the SOP’s of university. If anyone found guilty at anytime, he/she shall not be allowed to enter university.
  1. University Responsibility:
  • University will provide premises for students and training staff.
  • Projectors and computer lab will be used during training, which is the responsibility of university.
  • University shall allow students from outside also for this training.
  • Data + information of outside students will be shared with university management from ITT, which will be controlled according to SOP’s.
  1. Certification:
  • After completion of training, certificates will be provided to participants from ITT in collaboration with university. ITT shall keep the data for its work done and for employment opportunity for participants.
  1. Security of Data:
  • The data and information of participant will use for ITT records and will not be shared with any other party for misuse. This data therefore, can be used with corporate and HR for their professional career.
  • But this will also be done with written constant of data holder participant.
  1. Portal Access:
  • After completing the training, participants will be offered to access for ITT Portal. Portal will be compromised of ITT guidelines. Tax ordinance, sale tax Act, video recording of lectures and a query support.
  1. Scholarship:
  • There will be 10% Scholarship for needy Students.
  • There will be 10% scholarship for students with outstanding CGP.

Terms of conditions:

  • Training statement
  • ITT is committed to complete the training statement within deadlines.
  • If further lectures needed, it will be conveyed online for students.
  • The training will be comprised of both On-campus and online training sessions.
  • After training the students can also have the opportunity to resolve their professional queries for continuous professional development from our help center on website.
  • of weeks are mentioned with training practice content.
  • Certificates will be provided on completion of training.
  • For membership please visit our website to see membership criteria.

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