ITT pakistan has designed this professional training keeping in view the needs of professionals and market. For a good tax practitioner it is necessary to have a good command and knowledge of tax laws acts ordinance and new updates. In addition to this, Portal understanding is an important step. Corresponding and notice dealing will play a key role in making this training one of the most demanding training among students and professionals. ITT pakistan has designed the training starting from basic book keeping techniques financial statements preparations interpretation and financial analysis with practical implementation of IAS & IFRS. Registration procedure of multiple departments is the key part of training. Lastly tax processess and skills are delivered to the participants to make this training the comprehensive one for practitioners, students and professionals. The details of each part of training is explained below .


  • Income Tax Registration 
  • Income Tax Laws 
  • Income Tax Returns 
  • Salaried 
  • Business Individual
  • AOP 
  • Corporate
  • Income Tax Notices Compliance (Basic level) 
  • Sales Tax Registration 
  • Sales Tax Laws 
  • Sales Tax Returns 
  • Individual 
  • AOP 
  • Corporate
  • Sales Tax Notices Compliance (Basic Level)
  • SECP Registration 
  • AOP formation 
  • Financial reporting Compliances 
  • Audit report/ Audited Account Disclosure 
  • MS Excel 
  1. SECP Registration and Compliances
  2. FBR Registration 
  3. Provincial Sales Tax Registration
  4. Withholding Tax Returns
  5. Association of Persons (AOP) Formation and Compliance
  6. Intellectual Property Organization (IPO Registration)
  7. Registration & Requirements in Chamber of Commerce
  8. Import/Export license Registration & Requirements
  • New Audit Engagement
  • Planning and Risk assessment
  • Internal Control and test of controls
  • Substantive procedures
  • Using the work of others
  • Audit evidence
  • Audit conclusion and reporting
  • Professional ethics & codes of conduct
  • Review of historical financial information
  • Assurance engagements other than audit and review
  • Income Tax Registration 
  • Income tax Laws 
  • Income Tax Return 
    • Salaried individual
    • Business individual 
    • AOP
    • Corporate return
  • Sales Tax Registration
  • Sales Tax Laws
  • Sales Tax Returns 
  • Individual 
  • AOP
  • Corporate Return
  • Key accountancy concepts
  • Use of Financial Ratios
  • Bookkeeping and Techniques
  • Professional use of Microsoft Excel
  • Financial Statements Preparation
  • IFRS & IAS (Applicable Financial reporting framework)
  • Income Tax Registration

  • Income tax Laws

  • Income Tax Returns

  • Sales Tax Registration

  • Sales Tax Law 

  •  Sales Tax Returns

  • SECP Registration

  • Ms Excel Practice

  • Income Tax Records and Notices
  • Appeals & Authorities
  • Notices 
  • Sales Tax Records and Notices 
  • Appeals & Authorities
  • Notices

Eligibility Criteria: ACCA finalist, CA inter, CMA inter, LLB qualified


Eligibility: Participants willing to join this training need to get income tax and sales tax training OR Quick Tax Learning (QTL) training.

  • Quick Books (Basic to Advance) 
  • Book keeping in detail (For Freelancing and local market)
  • MS Excel (Basic to advance)

ITT ByLaws

Our trainings are designed to align with the mission of our Government and Expectation of our Professionals from Commercial and Corporate employer organizations and vice versa.

Any candidate willing to start with the ITT program(s), needs to register him/her self for it through ADMISSION, by signing an Admission Form which will be available at ITT campus for online or Offline classes as well.

  • Admission Fee:

Admission fee will be a specific amount of money charged by ITT, paid by the candidate, at the time of admission. Admission fee once paid will be non-refundable after 2nd class of the training session.

  • Admission Form:

Admission form is mandatory for signing up with ITT. Candidate(s) will be required to bring original CNIC and a copy with it as well, a copy of CNIC and 2 passport size photographs with Blue/White background are mandatory to be attached with the admission forms.

  • Revocation of admission:

Admission once revoked due to any reason, candidate has to pay his admission fee again, declare the reason why the admission got revoked and after the analysis of his application the admission will be restored (in case of rejection of admission 80% fee will be refundable)

  • Reason Of Revocation

There could be following reasons for the revocation of the admission:

  • False Documentation
  • Unethical Behavior
  • Fee Defaulting


  • Right Reserved By ITT:

There are some rights preserved by ITT or could be stated as liabilities of the candidate e.g. fee collection, behavior of the candidate or information provided by candidates.

  • Right Reserved By Candidate/Participant:

There are some rights preserved by candidate or liabilities of ITT towards the candidate e.g. providing the best of services, conveying practical knowledge, conduction lectures as per schedule and statements.

ITT conducts trainings for students and employer organization needs and requirements respectively. Once candidate is enrolled, an orientation will be held in the beginning of every training session. The starting time/date of the training, duration of the training and hours dedicated will be disclosed at the time of admission.

      There will be following two kinds of training sessions held by ITT;

  • Online Training,
  • On campus Training.


  • Online Training:

Online training will be conducted through Zoom Meetings and Online Portals, notes will be provided electronically as well.ITT provides recordings for each online session as well.

  • On Campus Training:

On campus trainings will be held by ITT in the respective campus(s), candidate has to attend the training session physically. The notes will be provided electronically and physically.

Following are the provisions from ITT,

  • Sitting place:

Sitting place would be a sound classroom with the learning environments in the respective campus. This provision is applicable for On Campus Classes only.

  • Computer Usage:

ITT has its own computer lab, ITT will provide Computers to the candidates. The usage of the computers will be restricted to concerned lectures and respective research work only.

  • Notes/ Practicing Material:

Online notes and practicing material will be provided by ITT to all its active members and admitted candidates electronically, in hard copies or both.

  • Asset Usage:

ITT will provide its assets as practicing material, notes, portal access etc. to the candidates with a confidence of loyalty. Any asset misused by any candidate could lead to a personal attack on firm and will be dealt accordingly.

  • Accidents/ Incidents:

In case of any natural disaster or government SOP’s for the education sector the physical sessions could be converted to online session. ITT will not be responsible in such case.

  • Missing Lectures:

In case candidate miss any lecture(s) online/ recorded lecture(s) will be delivered electronically, in special case(s) special individual lecture(s) will be provides as per the application of the candidate(s).

            In case ITT fails to deliver a lecture due to some reason compensation will be made in state of special extra lecture(s), online class or recorded lecture will be provided.

  • Practical Practicing:

ITT will provide scenarios of practical practicing for every candidate which might be in case of assignments, learning process or both.

  • Portal Access:

Candidate once enrolled for MEMBERSHIP the portal access will be given to the candidate after their final assessment and interview, which according to his liability, he has to update every 6 months, in case of failure after 6 months candidate will be notified and after another 6 months the Membership will be revoked.

  • Seminar & Webinars:

ITT will be conducting Seminars and Webinars for their trained candidates and qualified trainers on campus, online and both.

ITT will be conducting Seminars and Webinars for awareness of the training sessions, importance of this training and to aware about job opportunities regarding ITT sessions. Some of the seminars/webinars will be mandatory for all the candidates.

  • Assessments:

Assessments will be given and conducted at the end of the training sessions for the assurance of the quality of the training sessions and candidate.

  • Training Methodologies:

ITT will be using different training methodologies for teaching and training purposes, it will include online or physical material as well.

  • Query Response:

ITT will provide students with a query box on the portal and one will be given at the official website as well where students can post their queries which will be responded by ITT within 24 hours of the question being asked (applicable for working days only).


  • Membership Access

ITT will provide membership access to the candidates who will take the training sessions by ITT and pass it with at least 70% attendance, clear the final assessments and interview.

            Membership access means access to the portal by ITT with their own logins and access to ask queries, seek job, update their profile etc.

  • Membership Up Gradation:

Candidate will be liable to update their profile and their ethical form every 6 months so ITT can rank star in the directory which will be sent to the HRs of the companies for job opportunities with recommendation from complain committee.

  • Trained Resources Directory:

ITT will rank the candidates in stars according to their performance in training session and based on their final assessments and interview. ITT will make a Directory of the candidates which will be updated as well on the basis the candidate profile update every 6 months.

            The purpose of this directory will be job opportunities for the candidates. ITT will send out this directory to HR of different companies with ITT evaluation added as well.

  • Information of Documents:

Candidates will be liable to give their full documents information including copies of their academic documents and CNIC (in case of foreign candidate their passport).

  • Inspection of Documents:

ITT will be authorized to verify the documents provided by candidate by any mean they want.

  • Revocation of Membership/ Portal Access:

ITT will provide all students their Membership as mentioned in clause Membership Access but in case the candidate fails to upgrade their profile with their ethical form after every 6 months they will be notified for the first time and their membership will be revoked after other 6 months of the notification.

  • Re-Admission:

In case of revocation/ suspension of a candidate during ITT training sessions the admission of candidate will revoked as mentioned in the clause REVOCATION OF ADMISSION above.

            The candidate will be liable to present in front of Complain Committee  to pay his admission fee again with application of Re-Admission to ITT which will be examined and the candidate can be Re-Admitted.

  • Re-Membership:

In case of revocation/ suspension of Membership of a candidate as mentioned in the clause REVOCATION OF MEMBERSHIP/PORTAL ACCESS above, the candidate will be liable to pay a restoration fee of       Membership and an application stating the reason of revocation and an affidavit stating the scenario will not be repeated ITT will restore the Membership of the candidate and give the portal access back after consideration.

  • Process After Termination of Admission/Membership:

The candidate will be liable to pay his admission fee again and an application of Re-Admission to ITT which will be examined and the candidate can be Re-Admitted.

            The candidate will be liable to pay a restoration fee of Membership and an application stating the reason of revocation and an affidavit stating the scenario will not be repeated ITT will restore the Membership of the candidate and give the portal access back after consideration.

  • Data Usage of Security (Website/ Hard Form):

ITT will use the candidate data for the better purposes e.g. sending out profiles to different companies for better job opportunities.

            All the data will be stored online on ITT website/ student portals. ITT website is secured with good firewalls but in worst case scenario if the website crashes/got hacked ITT will not be responsible for any data loss.

  • Rating for Portal Account

Star rating of the candidate will be assessed by Committee on following basis:

  • Trained Resources:
    1. Education eligibility
    2. Practical work experience
  • ITT training with at least 70% attendance.
  1. Assessment and interview
  2. Professional behavior and due care.
  • Qualified Trainers:
    1. Education eligibility
    2. Practical work experience
  • ITT training with at least 70% attendance.
  1. Assessment and interview
  2. Professional behavior and due care.
  3. Assignment uploading.
  • New tax payer’s Registration.
  • Quality Assurance:
  • Information of the candidate with educational and work history.
  • Downloadable notes and helping material for our participants on class and online as well on ITT Students portal.
  • News and updates on all amendments.( via Emails ,Webinars and on ITT Website)
  • Database
  • Easy reporting and centralized reporting for multiple campuses and multiple locations
  • Campus management system will be centralized and head office will be able to have all new updates on multiple campuses as well.
  • Help centre

Intuitive, guided and simple under the supervision of Commercial Practitioners and corporate professionals.

  • Virtual bars
  • Provide professionals and practitioners an online platform for their queries via Whatsapp, online portals and Emails.
  • It’s accessible to everyone, everywhere.
  • It’s flexible, one can maintain day to day schedule.
  • Research and Methodology


  • Help professionals and practitioners to get their responses more quickly and appropriately.
  • Frequently gets updated.
  • Get responses in a single-click 24/7.
  • Cover a broad range of TAQ’s.
  • Answers to many FAQ’s & TAQ’s can be found in magazines and portals.
  • Professionals doing jobs in relevant field can get benefit to improve their knowledge and skills for better performance.
  • Test assessment on Professional Practitioner Parameter
  • A professional level interview under qualified practitioners and professionals.
  • Documents authentication

ITT reserves all the rights for authenticating the information provided by the participant with supporting documents and in extreme case from the organization, department and employer as well for quality assurance.

  • Help centre for continues professional development and query control.
  • Updates of work experience and analysis of tax practice performance twice a year for qualified trainers.
  • Audit of the assignments completed and mentioned by member in profile will be conducted on sample basis for quality check for qualified trainers.
  • Qualified Trainers and professionals will be nominated on ITT official website for job recommendation.
  • Qualified Trainers will have a target of 20 new tax payers in a year.

Qualified Trainers will be in recommendations on ITT official platform for services.

  • Certifications

ITT will provide Certificates to all the candidates who will participate in ITT training sessions and will clear the Quality Checks of ITT as per mentioned in the clause QUALITY ASSURANCE above.