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Ideology Behind ITT Global

  1. Purpose

ITT the institution is being designed with the training ideology. Training is a continuous process and needs in every process and systems of the world. Every running process and systems require updating, amendments and new practices with the increase in working complexities and channels. That’s why training plays the most integral part in meeting the demand of change for better operations and eventually for better results.

ITT aims to train our business Administration, Commerce, Accounting & Finance, Law and professional qualification graduates, for the corporate and commercial market practices. The understanding of law and its practical use in corporate and commercial market practices lead towards a well directed employment carrier and self employment.

Efficient, effective and trained human resource is the key to execute big projects and in operations too. ITT by considering the expectation of the employer organization ensures its quality by compiling the training statements with the help of a systemized training methodology for each training. This is for, providing the trained and relevant human resources according to requirement of the employer.

  1. Objective

The principle objective of ITT is to train our participants for corporate and commercial practices for directing a better employment carrier with the opportunity of self-employment. This is followed by designing the trainings for accounting & finance, Law, Commerce and Professional qualification graduates by understanding the corporate and commercial employer’s expectation from the resources. ITT is determined to be a bridge of trust for both participant and employer organizations.

  • To train the professionals for self – employment
  • For better job performance
  • To fill the performance and expectation gap of Human Resources and employer organizations
  • To produce better and trained resources for the market
  • To provide tax awareness to public at large

Trainnig Route


ITT Pakistan has designed this professional training keeping in view the needs of professionals and market. For a good tax practitioner it is necessary to have a good command and knowledge of tax laws acts ordinance and new updates. In addition to this, Portal understanding is an important step. Corresponding and notice dealing will play a key role in making this training one of the most demanding training among students and professionals.

Certified Tax Practitioner

CTP is termed as “Certified Tax Practitioner”. ITT has designed this training as a self-employment opportunity for the related education professionals. This aims to enhance the confidence and skills of the professionals for commercial and corporate practices.

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FAQs ITT Global

Yes we offer it On Zoom live classes as well. Recordings will also be provided after the session.  

Yes it does, it also provides award to the best candidates.

No you need to apply from FBR for ITP License.

Yes you can apply for membership of our association named: association of certified Tax practitioners of Pakistan ACTP.

ITT and ACTP is affiliated with different Tax and accounting will add a great value to your professional career.

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